Welcome to the Rome City Schools Mathematics page. The mission of the Rome City Mathematics Program is to provide a meaningful experience-based curriculum, which is engaging, challenging, developmentally appropriate and student centered. The K-12 program provides an emphasis on efficient problem solving strategies, applying conceptual understanding of number sense and communication skills. We also teach and learn through the use of technology. Our students will become problem solvers who are mathematically literate, grounded in number sense and able to apply mathematical concepts, strategies and skills in order to solve relevant and real life problems.


K-12 Mathematics Coordinator


This is Georgia Department of Education website that full of parent resources and a great place to get answers to many questions. 
This is another free website that provides great short tutorials for all grade levels from 2nd grade to college. This site also provides lots of practice problems.
This is a free website that provides hundreds of short instructional videos for parents and students. The videos are organized based on each mathematics standard and grade level.
This is a great place for students to go and have loads of fun with math.
This is a free site which provides tools and items such as practice tests for teachers to monitor students' progress.