• NCAA Eligibility

    Any student-athlete who plans to attend a college and play a sport must meet NCAA eligibility requirements. This applies to scholarship and non-scholarship athletes. If you have any questions, please contact your coach or athletic director. For more information: www.eligibilitycenter.org or 1-877-262-1492.

    Academic Requirements

    · Graduate from high school

    · Complete NCAA-approved courses

    · Earn a minimum required core-course grade-point average (GPA)

    · Earn a required SAT or ACT sum score

    · In reference to Credit Recovery Courses, a student athlete interested in a Division I or II University MUST repeat the required courses in their entirety to fulfill the NCAA requirements. Students cannot simply repeat the deficient skills of a required course they fail. In other words, they cannot use the credit recovery option for promotion of subjects failed. It will not meet the NCAA requirement for that course.


                                                           DIVISION I                                                                                 DIVISION II

                                                       16 Core Courses:                                                                       14 Core Courses:

                                                       4 years of English                                                                      3 years of English

                                  3 years of mathematics (Algebra I or higher)                                  2 years of mathematics (Algebra I or higher)

                                         2 years of natural/physical science                                               2 years of natural/physical science

                                      (1 year of lab if offered by high school)                                          (1 year of lab if offered by high school)

                                     1 year of additional English, mathematics                                       2 years of additional English, mathematics

                                               or natural/physical science                                                             or natural/physical science

                                               2 years of social science                                                                    2 years of social science

                          4 years of additional courses (from any area above,                               3 years of additional courses (from any area above,

                         foreign language or non-doctrinal religion/philosophy)                            foreign language or non-doctrinal religion/philosophy)




    *Division II moves to 16 core courses for student athletes enrolling in fall 2013 and after.

    Core-Course Time Limitation


    · From the time the student-athlete enters the ninth grade, he or she has four (4) years or eight (8) semesters to complete the core-course requirement. If the student-athlete fails to complete high school “on time” in eight semesters, core courses taken after the eighth semester will not be counted toward his or her NCAA academic eligibility requirements.

    · “On time” also means that if the student-athlete’s high school graduation takes place May 19, he or she must graduate May 19. If the student-athlete does not graduate May 19 with the rest of his or her high school class, the student-athlete has not completed his or her requirements “on time.”


    · A student-athlete is permitted to use all core courses completed from his or her ninth grade until the time he or she enrolls full-time at a college or university.

    Core-Course GPA and Test Scores


    · Earn a combined SAT or ACT sum score that matches the core-course GPA and test-score sliding scale.

    § For example, a 2.400 core-course GPA needs a 71 combined ACT score.



    · Earn a 2.000 GPA or better in the core courses.

    · Earn a combined SAT score of 820 or an ACT sum score of 68.

    Taking the ACT and/or SAT

    · Be sure to enter “9999” code when registering for the ACT or SAT.

    § This requests for your official test score to be sent directly to the NCAA Eligibility Center.

    · Test scores on high school transcripts will not be used.


    · Eligibilitycenter.org - College-Bound student-athletes complete their registration and check their status with the NCAA Eligibility Center.

    · NCAA.org – Under “Student-Athlete Experience” section, click on “How to Become a Student-Athlete”. Click on either the Division I or II Toolkit link.

    · ACT.org (ACT)

    · Collegeboard.com (SAT)

    · National-letter.org (National Letter of Intent)


    Please contact the NCAA Eligibility Center at 1-877-262-1492 or online at www.eligibilitycenter.org