School Nutrition

  • The School Nutrition Program’s main focus is the health and well-being of all students. All students are encouraged to participate in the breakfast and lunch programs. School Nutrition strives to serve meals lower in fat, sodium, and sugar intake and increase fiber.

    Menus are prepared monthly for Pre-K – 6th grades and quarterly for 7-12 grades. All schools operate on a 10-day cycle menu for breakfast and lunch.

    We are a federally funded, self-sustaining program that follows the federal guidelines of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

    Breakfast and lunch is served to ALL students at no charge regardless of income. Elementary schools are participating in a program called Community Eligibility Provision. No applications are required in this program.

    The high school and middle school are participating in the Provision 2 program. Applications are required during the base year (1st year) of the program and allow us to feed all children at no charge. The three remaining years in the four-year cycle are based on the percentage of participation in this base year. It is crucial that all participants complete the meal application, so that we can correctly identify students that qualify for free and reduces meals. If the applications are not completed, it will be detrimental to the program and we would have to withdraw from its participation. Students would once again have to pay for meals if this occurred.

    It is very important that all students have the ability to eat a healthy breakfast and lunch so that they are fueled and ready to learn. It is our hope that our participation in these programs help to further our students in their educational journeys.


    All refunds must be submitted in writing to the school or the School Nutrition Department at the central office.


Meal Prices

  • Breakfast for all adults and visitors is $2.00.
    Lunch for all adults and visitors is $3.50.

    USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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