F. I. S. H.

  • A Student Led Christian Organization

    Rome Middle School

    Rome, Georgia


    What is FISH?
    FISH is a cool and simple way to share your faith with friends at school.  It is a student-led Christian organization that meets each Friday at 8:00 in Room 223.  FISH moves in a four week cycle that consists of Focus week, Inspiration week, Share week and Hook week. 
    F is for Focus
    Goal: to provide a small group environment in which students can talk about what God is doing in their lives, and to experience personal time alone with God. 
    I is for Inspiration
    Goal: to inspire students to live their lives for the Lord.  This is the week in which we invite guest speakers.
    S is for Share
    Goal: to let students share how they met Christ and to pray for their classmates. This is the week that students share their testimonies with the group.
    H is for Hook
    Goal: to provide an opportunity for Christian students to bring their non-Christian friends to a non-threatening environment to hear a clear presentation of the gospel and to have an opportunity to respond in faith.


    Fridays, 8:00 a.m.

    Auxiliary Gym

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