Dr. John Barge's Visit

  • State School Superintendent, Dr. John Barge, arrived at Rome Middle School Friday morning, October 24, 2014, for a tour of the school. He was met in the front hall by Mr. Greg Christian, RMS Principal; Dr. John Jackson, RCS Superintendent; Mrs. Sunita Holloway, RCS Title I Director; and Mrs. Beeman, RCS School Board member. Two members of the local press joined the group as we started the tour.
    The group toured the school starting in the art classroom. Dr. Barge looked at several pieces of student work and moved around the room interacting with the students and Ms. Burrier, the art teacher. The group continued the tour by stopping in two of the three world language classrooms, the gifted ELA, Math, Math 180, Chorus, Band, and 8th grade science classrooms. Dr. Barge engaged with the students in each classroom.
    The tour ended after approximately one hour with a debriefing in the 7th grade hallway.