The Case for "Bring Your Own Technology"

"BYOT gives the students an extra source of information that they may not be able to find in their textbooks, which adds to the class discussions and common knowledge." - Matthew Detweiler, 11
"Not having to hide our phones helps us put all of our attention into our school work!" - Elise Talent, 12
"BYOT gives us the ability to expand our knowledge through the use of technology." - Emma Chambers, 11
"Coach Davis helps us voice our true opinions with Today's Meet. This chat room gives everyone a chance to say how they really feel!" - Shanell Martin, 12
"I love BYOT, because I can check my grades at anytime!" - Harris Bagley, 9
"It helps transition the classroom to home, because it's on my device that I'm familiar with!" - Rebeckah Hufstetler, 10
"BYOT helps me study for tests and quizzes." - Conner Chandler, 9
"Mrs. Chambers uses achievement series for our test on the iPads. They get graded so quickly; I love it!" - Matt Sartorato, 10
"BYOT is really helpful in German! It's convenient when looking for German to English translation!" - Shelby Tison, 10
"Having it face down on our desk takes away the temptation of me wanting to check my purse for a message." - Madison Skeen, 12
"BYOT is more convenient than a textbook in many ways. It's quicker and straight to the point." - Dylan Beasley, 11
"When it comes to projects and assignments like that, it helps is do research efficiently." - Robert Moore, 10
"I like BYOT, because it's a new type of freedom when it comes to learning!" - Kade Garrad, 9
"BYOT helps me bring everyday life of technology into the classroom." - Oliver Robbins, 11
"It's efficient for research in the classroom! The music helps us stay calm and focused." - Sydney Evans, 12