Safety Patrol Biographies

  • Franklin Aguilar loves Social Studies. His favorite school subject is history, but he does not spend all his time studying. He enjoys playing Clash of Clans and wants to be an FBI agent in the future.

    Robert Duncan is another game-lover. He likes his Play Station 3, and his favorite school subject is Math. He says that the best part of Safety Patrol is that he gets to help people. He is undecided about a future career.
    Giovanni Esteban has diverse interests. He enjoys Social Studies, Reading, and Science. His Safety Patrol goal is to keep people safe and help others. He likes football and wants to become a biologist. Added to his list of interests is a love of drawing.
    Mia Means is the only girl on Safety Patrol, but she says that is never a problem. The group works together as a team, and keeping people safe is the main goal. Her favorite subject is Social Studies, and her future plans include becoming a cake designer. In her spare time, Mia likes to make duct tape wallets.
    Gabriel Mitchell says he loves to have fun, but he is a serious scholar. His favorite subject is Math. He spends time with his Play Station 3 and wants to become a professional wrestler.
    Alex Pelico has an interesting outside of school interest. He wants to be a soccer player later in life. He also plays football and likes science. He agrees with the Safety Patrol's goal of keeping people safe.
    Joshua Ramirez has safety on his mind even as a career goal. He aspires to be the Director of the FBI, but right now enjoys football and soccer. His favorite subject is Math.