Technology Services Work Order Requests

If you are needing to enter a technology related work order request then you are in the right place. The work order system allows Technology Services to manage, assign, and track work order progress throughout the district. All work to be performed must have a work order entered before services can begin. (Please note that some RCS locations funnel work order requests through the local media specialist. Please check with your media specialist if you are not sure of this procedure.) 
To enter a work order, please click the image below.

Password Management and Recovery

Technology Services now provides a method for STUDENTS and STAFF to manage and recover their passwords without having to wait. This service will take care of 99% of password related incidents. This recovery system will allow you to reset your password which will reset it for access to such services as System Email/Google Apps, Computer Access, and Secure/Authenticated Wireless Networks.
If you have forgotten your password or want to enroll into the
recovery system, please click the image below.

Remote Support assistance

Remote access is only a few clicks away! The remote access tool below allows the technician assigned to you a way to remotely control and fix any issues with your staff computer as long as your computer has internet access. Technology Services utilizes TeamViewer to make this happen
If a technician has requested for you to launch
TeamViewer, please click the image below.