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    Through the consistent support of our board and the office of the superintendent, we have been able to acquire and maintain the technology and network infrastructure that is necessary to support our daily mission. An infrastructure that rivals and compares, equally or greater to, large corporations and entities at the scale appropriate for us to provide the uptime required. Though we do not clearly publicize what we do for security reasons, we would like to extend oppotunities for others to meet with us and see what we have done to ensure the day to day operations in our school system. Discuss your issues and needs with professionals with decades of observations and experience in education and the private sector. Trust someones opinion that sits in a position not to profit from it, but to help you in your large decision making endeavors. 

    The most commonly overlooked item in a school system is the critical technology infrastructure that ties everything together. Without this system running 24/7, most communications, security, and day to day operations become jeopardized. Join us in learning how you can improve your data systems to sleep better at night. 


    Critical Infrastructure Tour and Discussion Topic Overview:

    Critical Cooling and Power in Education

    Critical Server Design in Education

    Critical Network Storage Design in Education

    Critical Networking and Network Design Theory in Education

    Wireless Networking Design and Theory in Education

    Communications Design

    Designing a modern Security and Surveillance System

    Visibility in to your Network

    On Premise Vs. Cloud - What's the Big Deal?

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    Matt Stover

    Director of Technology and Network Services (subject - Tours and Discussions)