Our Program

    • Rome City Schools provides educational programs and services for identified gifted students at all grade levels following requirements for identifying and placing students in the gifted program governed by Georgia State Department of Education Rule 160-4-2-.38.  The RCS gifted program is designed to meet the very specific academic needs of gifted students by emphasizing the following competencies:
      • Creative, productive, and critical thinking
      • Extensive and advanced research skills
      • Skills for independent living 
      • Meta-cognition and cognitive strategy development

    The gifted program is called Challenge at the elementary school level (K-6) where students receive instruction in a resource pull-out class once a week.

    Middle and high school gifted students receive instruction in advanced content classes. 

    Due to in-state reciprocity rules, gifted students who transfer to Rome City Schools from within the state of Georgia, will be placed into our gifted program after a review of current documentation of services.  Gifted students who transfer to RCS from out of state are not automatically placed into the gifted program and must meet Georgia placement requirements.

    Parents should notify their school of interest in gifted placement at the time of registration.  

    Assessment Process

    The rules and regulations dealing with the assessment of gifted learners are approved by the Georgia State Department of Education and the State Board of Education. These rules and regulations, called "due process", have been established for the protection and privacy of individuals. 

    There are three steps in the process of identifying and placing gifted students:  referral, evaluation, and eligibility. 


    The referral process is the first step for entrance into the gifted program.  A referral may come from teachers, parents, self-referral, peers, or district wide testing scores. Referrals are reviewed by the Gifted Evaluation Team.  This team determines which students will be evaluated for gifted education placement.  A referral does not guarantee gifted testing will take place.  The referral team will evaluate all available data to determine if gifted testing is warranted. Please remember that gifted testing takes approximately 7 hours, and it is always our goal to ensure that any student who is evaluated for the program has a high likelihood of success. 


     Following parental consent, the local school evaluates the student's mental ability, achievement, creativity, and motivation through the use of nationally-normed group tests and survey checklists.


    An eligibility team composed of at least three people (an administrator (school or district), gifted program teacher, and another individual with knowledge of the child and gifted program) reviews the evaluation information pertaining to the referred student.  The team follows guidelines set by the Georgia State Department of Education when making a decision about the student's appropriate placement for gifted services.  The local school notifies the parents as to the team's decision.

     Gifted education students are responsible for mastery of all grade level GPS and skills.  However, due to the unique nature of the elementary gifted resource program and the additional workload the students are expected to carry, they will, in most cases, be excused from daily and related homework assignments given while attending gifted classes.

    Gifted Testing Procedure

    Rome City Schools will be using a "testing window" procedure for gifted testing. The reasons for this are- to eliminate interruptions in the Challenge classroom (gifted teachers must conduct testing, so they must cancel their regular classes), to allow more students to be tested for the gifted program, and to place testing at the time periods of the year where students can be most successful and others. We will now have three testing "windows" as described below.  


    Rome City Schools Current Students

    1st grade                                                             

    Referral Window - August                                           

    Evaluation Window - September                                


    2nd - 6th grades                                                         

    Referral Window - September/October                     

    Evaluation Window - November/December              


    Kindergarten, 7th & 8th grade students                  

    Evaluation Window - April/May                                 


    Rome City Schools New Students

    7th - 9th grades

    Referral Window - July/August

    Evaluation Window - August/September


    1st - 6th grades

    Referral Window - September/October

    Evaluation Window - November/December


    Schools throughout the school year and who need immediate evaluation, please contact the System Lead Gifted Teacher, Mrs. Sabrina Teems.


    If you would like to nominate your child to be considered for gifted testing, please contact the gifted teacher for your child's school (on the left hand side of this page) and/or the District Gifted Coordinator. 


    Please review the information below about gifted testing. 

    RCS Gifted Testing Brochure