• Buffi
    Dear West End students, parents, and community,

    West End Elementary is grounded in a rigorous Georgia Standards of Excellence based curriculum that promotes critical thinking and life-long learning. As a Pre K through sixth grade elementary school, we seek to foster in each student a strong moral foundation and a deep sense of social responsibility. Everything we do is tied to the fulfillment of our mission, which is "All students will graduate from Rome High School prepared for college or work".

     Our students demonstrate the capacity and the motivation to benefit from our mission and contribute to its fulfillment. Our students share a determination to excel academically and be successful in middle and high schools as well as colleges and universities throughout the country.

    Through the pursuit of our mission, we exercise care for the individual worth of each student and commit ourselves to the development of our students in partnership with their parents.

    West End is recognized for its outstanding students, academic achievements, and for the extraordinary educational opportunities that it provides to the Rome community. We appreciate having the opportunity to educate and see first-hand the vibrant learning environment generated by our students and exceptional faculty.

    Mrs. Buffi Murphy