PBIS at East Central

  • PBIS Logo

    East Central Elementary School participates in a program called Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports or PBIS.  This program is used by tens of thousands of other schools across the nation.  It allows us to define the type of learning environment we as educators seek to create and maintain at our school.  As a PBIS school, we seek to very clearly define our behavior expectations for all students, teach these expected behaviors, reinforce positive behaviors, and prevent/decrease problematic behavior.  Through PBIS, our faculty and staff use research-based interventions to provide different levels of behavior support based on individual student needs.

    Each year we begin by teaching/re-teaching our four behavior expectations.  These expectation are: P- Positive Attitude, A- Act Responsibly, W- Work Hard, and S- Show Respect.  To help students remember these expectations, we have created a logo (above) and frequently remind students to put their best "PAWS" forward.

    After teaching our students these expectations, we continually reinforce and recognize them through things like verbal praise, wolf bucks, good behavior office referrals, nine week celebrations and other special activities.  Teachers throughout the building use multiple strategies to reinforce positive behaviors and attempt to proactively prevent misbehavior.  This program works alongside of our progressive discipline plan which addresses student misbehavior in spite of these actions.

    To learn more about PBIS, please visit PBIS.org.