Chain of Command 

 Rome City Schools is motivated by a desire to improve the quality of the educational program by responding to stakeholders’ concerns and/or questions as effectively and efficiently as possible. Communication is one of Rome City Schools’ core values.  As a district, we function according to a “Chain of Command System.” 

In Rome City Schools, the Chain of Command refers to communication levels of authority within the school district. The Chain of Command is used to provide stakeholders at all levels with a point of contact in which to ask questions and/or report concerns. Having an established Chain of Command is a valuable and efficient tool that provides a roadmap for reporting concerns or communicating with school staff members.

Members of the Rome City Board of Education make up one link of our district Chain of Command and must be able to make impartial judgments in all concerns brought to them. Therefore, the district strongly emphasizes to the public the importance of adhering to the Chain of Command to resolve concerns according to the information below. 

Where do I begin the process if I have a concern?

Academic/Behavior/Discipline/Instruction/Support Services

  1. Teacher 

  2. Building Principal/Assistant Principal 

  3. Superintendent 

  4. Board of Education


  1. Coach

  2. Athletic Director

  3. Building Principal

  4. District Athletic Director 

  5. Superintendent

  6. Board of Education

Extracurricular Activities

  1. Director/Sponsor 

  2. Building Principal

  3. Superintendent

  4. Board of Education

Where do I find forms for concerns/complaints?

Concerns/Complaint Forms may be found online at the website (, at any school building office, or the district central office.

Policy dealing with the concern/complaint process is: 

  • Policy IKBB Divisive Concepts Complaint Resolution Process

The Board will consider hearing citizen, parent/guardian, employee, or student complaints when they cannot be resolved by the administration and/or superintendent. Matters referred directly to the Board will be referred to the Superintendent. 

After hearing such complaints, and referring to the Superintendent, if more information which might challenge or question the good name or character of an individual is needed, the Board shall consider this in Executive Session. The Board will not consider or act on complaints that have not been explored at the appropriate administrative level or if the appropriate Chain of Command has not been attempted.