Characteristics of the Gifted and Talented

  • Gifted and talented students in Georgia schools represent all ages, races, social and economic classes. In the table below are some of the qualities that separate Gifted children from Bright children. Typically students displaying many of the characteristics in "The Gifted Child" column are good candidates for evaluation for Gifted services. If you have other questions, or are interested in having your child evaluated, please contact the District Coordinator as listed on the Gifted Programs homepage. 
     The Bright Child    The Gifted Child
     Knows the answerAsks the questions 
     Is interested Is highly curious
     Has good ideas Has unusual ideas
     Works hard Seems inattentive, yet tests well
     Answers questions Discusses in detail, elaborates
     Listens with interest Shows strong feelings or opinions
     Masters after 6-8 repetitions Masters after 1-2 repetitions
     Understands ideas Constructs abstractions
     Enjoys peers Prefers adults
     Grasps the meaning Draws inferences
    Completes assignments Initiates projects
    Is receptive  Is intense
    Copies accurately Creates new designs
    Absorbs information  Manipulates information
    Memorizes well  Makes educational guesses
     Enjoys straightforward sequential presentation Thrives on complexity
    Is pleased with own learning  Is highly self-critical
    Learns with ease  Knows before instruction