A Note to Parents of Gifted Students

  • Rome City Schools views a student's placement in the gifted program as an opportunity for further challenge, service, and problem-solving activities. We feel that, commensurate with a person's natural intellectual ability, should be his/her inclination to serve, to lead, and to improve the future.

    Gifted placement is not a reward for exceptional ability or high achievement and test scores. Rather than infusing the program with an elitist attitude, it is the desire of the Challenge staff to instill in gifted students such humanitarian values as generosity, appreciation, tolerance, and integrity, and to help them realize a contribution to self and society.

    Because of the more advanced work in the gifted program, students may be faced with making choices and decisions about the use of their time. Parents are encouraged to help students understand that they will have to make choices and to help them develop a system for managing their time.