Parental Involvement

  •  Gifted students have unique needs, below are some suggestions that can help parents help their gifted child reach his or her intellectual potential. 

    In the area of Intellectual Curiosity and Stimulation, parents of gifted children may...

    • Encourage questions; answer with patience and good humor;
    • Read to them; provide a variety of good reading materials at their level of interest and ability;
    • Provide books and hobby materials of their own;
    • Expose children to a variety of experiences through travel, local field trips, and community activities;
    • Help them learn skills of research, scientific processes (such as classifying, observing, etc.).

    In the area of Emotional Security, parents of gifted children may...

    • Help children learn how to handle and learn from disappointment and failure;
    • Provide a safe, responsive environment in which they can find satisfaction in expressing ideas, interests, and feelings;
    • Encourage intellectual/academic achievement without pushing.

    In the area of Work Habits, parents of gifted children may...

    • Encourage them to follow through on projects they begin (hobbies as well as assigned tasks and school work)
    • Teach them to budget their time and organize their work efficiently

    In the area of Values, parents of gifted children may...

    • Work to attain consistency of parental value systems within the home
    • Encourage children to set high standards for themselves.
    * Call or ask to meet with your student’s teacher if you have questions, a suggestion, or a concern.
    * Help chaperone field trips.
    * Carefully read your student’s progress reports and annual review before returning them, signed, to the teacher of the gifted.
    * Ask for a conference if you need further information.