Rome City Schools Calendars

The Rome City Schools Calendar is a valuable resource for students, parents, and educators alike, providing a comprehensive overview of the academic year. This well-structured calendar includes essential dates, such as the start and end of the school year, holidays, and important school events, ensuring everyone stays informed and organized. For English-speaking members of the community, the English version of the calendar clearly outlines breaks like winter and spring vacations, as well as professional development days for teachers. Similarly, for the Spanish-speaking community, the Spanish version of the calendar offers the same crucial information in their native language, facilitating effective communication and engagement. With these calendars, families can plan vacations, educators can prepare lesson plans accordingly, and students can anticipate key milestones, fostering a cohesive and supportive learning environment for all.

English Version: 2023-2024 School District Calendar

Spanish Version: Calendario del Distrito Escolar 2023-2024

English Version: 2024-2025 School District Calendar

Rome City Schools Calendar 2023-2024


Rome City Schools Calendar 2024-2025

2024-2025 Rome City Schools Calendar