Content Filter Security Certificate Import

RCS Network Services utilizes the Fortinet FortiGuard system for filtering and analyzing all internet traffic within the district. This service, in the modern age, requires a trusted certificate to function properly for many secure websites. (banking, search engines, online purchasing, etc.). If you experience multiple security warnings on websites, you'll need to install this certificate. 

The following instructions will assist any user who brings their own devices on campus with installing our security certificate. Support for personal devices will be on a limited basis.

Windows Devices:

Step 1:  Select this Link: Download Certificate

Step 2:  When download is complete, Open the certificate in your "Downloads" folder

Step 3:  Select "Install Certificate"

Step 4:  Select "Local Machine" if available

Step 5:  Select "Place all Certificates in the following store" and Click Browse

Step 6:  Select  "Trusted Root Certification Authorities"

Step 7:  Select Next, Finish, OK, Etc. to finish the process. You should now be able to browse using

Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer without issues. Firefox does not recognize this process.


Chromebook Devices:

Step 1:  Select this Link: Download Certificate

Step 2:  When download is complete, navigate to Settings in the Chrome Browser

Step 3:  Scroll down and select "Advanced" at the bottom of the page 

Step 4:  Under the "Privacy and Security" section, select "Manage Certificates"

Step 5:  Select the "Authorities" Tab and select "Import"

Step 6:  Select your "Downloads" folder and click on the "ContentFilterCertificate.cer" file then select OPEN

Step 7:  Check all boxes under "Trust Settings" and select OK.

Step 8:  Process Complete


MAC OS Devices:

Step 1:  Select this Link: Download Certificate

Step 2:  Double click or open the Certificate in your "Downloads" folder

Step 3:  Enter your local computer username and password if required

Step 4:  When keychain window appears, make sure "System" is selected under the "Keychains" section and "Certificates" is selected under "Category"

Step 5:  Double click on the "ContentFilterCertificate.cer" or "FG180FTK22902123" certificate

Step 6:  Click on the arrow to the left of the Trust section to expand and then make the selections to show "Always Trust" for all drop downs in the trust section.

Step 7:  Close the trust window and re-enter local computer username and password if required

Step 8:  RCS Fortinet or "FG180FTK22902123" certificate should show as green or blue instead of red which verifies import is complete. 


Apple iOS Devices:

Step 1:  Using Safari, Select this Link: Download Certificate 

Step 2:  After downloading navigate to Settings>General>Profile, select "FG180FTK22902123" 

Step 3:  Select "Install" option at the top right, enter PIN if necessary. 

Step 4:  Select "Done" at the top right 

Step 5:  Select "Install" once again at the top right then "Install" at the bottom. 

Step 6:  Navigate to Settings>General>About>Certificate Trust Settings

Step 7:  Toggle the button for the certificate name "FG180FTK22902123"

Step 5:  Process Complete 


Android Devices: 

Step 1:  Select this Link: Download Certificate 

Step 2:  Swipe down from top to see recent downloads and select the "ContentFilterCertificate.cer" or "FG2K2ET919900259" file

Step 3:  Give the certificate a name, such as "RCS Filter"

Step 4:  On the drop down arrow, select "WiFi"

Step 5:  click "OK"

Step 6:  Process Complete