District Administration

Superintendent of Schools: Dr. Eric L. Holland

Director of Assessment and Accountability: Mrs. Kristin Teems

Director of Communications:

Director of Curriculum (Elementary) and Pre-K: Mr. Scott Crabbe

Director of Curriculum (Secondary) and Professional Learning: Mrs. Jennifer Perkins

Director of Federal Programs: Dr. Leslie Dixon

Director of Finance: Mr. Greg Studdard

Director of Human Resources: Mrs. Angela Newby

Director of Maintenance and Facilities: Mr. Tim Williams

Director of Safety and Security: Mr. Jason Self

Director of School Nutrition: Mrs. Brandy Money

Director of Special Education: Mrs. Kriszti Kilpatrick

Director of Student Services: Dr. Dale Willerson

Director of Technology Services: Mr. Matt Stover

Director of Transportation: Mr. Elander Graham

Gifted/STEM Specialist: Mrs. Sabrina Teems

System Social Worker/Homeless Liaison: Mrs. Kirsten Thornante