Evaluation Procedures

Once a referral for special education evaluation is made, the comprehensive evaluation will be conducted by a multidisciplinary team. The team may consist of the psychologist, speech/language pathologist, occupational and/or physical therapist, special education teacher, general education teacher, parents, and others as appropriate to the evaluation. The team is responsible for assessing the student in all areas related to any suspected disability and in any other areas deemed relevant.

The initial evaluation must look at the needs of the whole child, regardless of the reason for the referral. A comprehensive evaluation may include:

  • individually administered tests and tools such as cognitive ability, academic achievement, social/emotional/behavioral, speech/language, OT/PT, etc

  • Parent, Teacher, and Child rating scales regarding social/emotional/behavioral and/or adaptive

  • Parent information and input including parent questionnaires/interviews

  • Teacher input including teacher questionnaires/interviews, observations, analyzed classroom work samples

  • School wide standardized testing results

  • Medical information, as appropriate

  • Classroom observations

  • Prior testing done in other schools and/or private settings

  • Progress Monitoring data

Description of Types of Evaluations

Eligibility Determination and Categories of Eligibility