East Central Publishing Party

A spotlighted area with a glittering backdrop awaited each East Central Elementary student as they approached the media center podium to present their latest work of written art to visitors and peers during the EC Publishing Party on Wednesday, November 17.

EC Principal, Dr. Wesley Styles explained that the kids wrote narrative pieces about someone in their lives who is very special to them.

“The first nine weeks,” he explained, “the students worked on their writing. They usually do three to four different genres throughout the year and this was kind of their final piece.”

“When you think about ELA (English Language Arts) standards for Georgia,” he continued, “one of the pieces is obviously writing, narrative informational type essays, but another one that is often overlooked is their speaking and listening standards. So, this is a great opportunity for them to practice their speaking skills.”

Styles said that the Publishing Party was a great opportunity to showcase the students’ work, and also to welcome and engage parents.

Styles expressed his gratitude for all the teachers and students who participated, and for all of the parents who came out and put effort and interest into their child’s education.

“I’ve been very impressed with everything I’ve seen today, especially with how hard the kids have worked,” he said.

Go Wolves!