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Due to one percent of the students/faculty testing positive for COVID-19 during a seven-day period, West End Elementary School will move into phase two of the system’s COVID-19 three-phase plan.

During phase two, all faculty, staff and students on this campus will follow the following protocol:

Phase Two: If one percent of the total school population reports positive COVID-19 cases within a seven-day period, the school will transition to phase two for a minimum of two weeks.

-All faculty, staff and students will be required to wear masks indoors, and on RCS school buses.

-Students will eat ALL meals in the classroom.

-All visitors will be restricted from the school’s campus.

West End Elementary will remain in Phase Two of the plan for a minimum of two weeks. Parents, students, faculty, and staff will be communicated with once West End Elementary can transition back to Phase One of the COVID-19 Plan.

 RCS will continually review updates and provided guidance.