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Dawn Williams
Interim Superintendent
Superintendent's Office
7062365050, x5030
Dondra Casey
Administrative Assistant to the Associate Superintendent
Superintendent's Office
706-236-5050 x5030
Matt Stover
Director of Technology
Technology Services
7062365050 x1920
Kevin Dancause
Systems Engineer
Technology Services
7062365050 x1921
Leslie Dixon
Director of Federal Programs
Federal Programs
7062365050, x5089
Sunday Stephens
Title I Coordinator
Federal Programs
7062365050, x5074
Karla Hernandez
Family Engagement Coordinator
Federal Programs
706-236-5050, x5079
Rebecca Moye
Data Coordinator
7062365050, x5100
Kirsten Thornante
Director of Social Work
Social Work
7062365050, x5129
Jennifer Jolly
TBRI Implementation Coordinator
Social Work
706-236-5050, x5128
Kristin Teems
Testing/Accountability Director
7062365050, x5019
Sabrina Teems
Gifted/STEM Specialist
7062365050, x5072
Dale Willerson
Director of Student Services
Student Services
7062365050, x5077
Scott Crabbe
Director of Elementary Curriculum
7062365050, x5070
Jennifer Perkins
Director of Secondary Curriculum
7062365050, x5073
Angela Newby
Director of Human Resources
Human Resources
7062365050, x5020
Yesenia Aldana
Administrative Assistant
Superintendent's Office
7062365050, x5010
Star Smith
Finance Director
Business and Finance
7062365050, x5012
Brooke Richardson
Payroll Manager
Business and Finance
7062365050, x5016
Susan Johnston
Business Office Manager
Business and Finance
7062365050, x5017